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Blessings for Your Spirit
Arthur Burk, Sapphire Leadership Group
Listen to these blessings for your family, friends, or yourself. These are daily blessings designed to legitimize your spirit and to speak to your spirit about the Father. Many people have been deeply impacted by them.
Canopy of Protection Prayer
Adapted from Kay Tolman, Restoration Gateway Ministries

Use this prayer to establish and maintain spiritual protection over your home, apartment, office, and/or business.

The Divine Exchange

Derek Prince

The following is a transcript of a series preached by Derek Prince, entitled "The Fullness of the Cross". His teaching explores the deep spiritual exchanges that occurred in Jesus on the cross.  Jesus was punished that we might be forgiven; He was wounded that we might be healed; and he bore our shame that we might share his glory. These are a few of the exchanges that are unpacked in this teaching. 

Spiritual Warfare Basics (Setting the Captives Free)
Linda Sloan, Transformation Group, LLC


This downloadable video is first of several teachings on the basics of spiritual warfare & rising up into your authority in Christ. Linda's Biblically-grounded teaching paired with her authentic joy and passion will help establish and refresh the foundations of your understanding of living life in covenant with God as you pursue your kingdom assignment in this season.

Soaking Worship Music


Whether you need to pause and rest or stand your ground, these Spotify playlists will provide a covering of worship music as you engage your process.

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