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Jennifer DeBrito

Master Level Splankna Practitioner

I grew up as a high-performing student athlete, playing soccer with the U.S. Olympic Development Program concurrently with other sports during my teens. Unfortunately, my home life was difficult. My father's battle with cancer began when I was 11, and ended with his passing away in our home when I was 16.

I know how it feels to have to process hardship while trying to maintain a normal life. Emotions can be difficult to name, and "talking it out" isn't always helpful.

"But God."

God has used those years of hardship in my life to build a heart of mercy in me. Through my life experiences, I have learned to hear hearts--and to never label others by their struggles. Our hardships are not who we are, and I personally found Splankna Therapy to be a profoundly efficient way to get my life (and my relationship with God) back on track.

During your sessions with me, I will combine Splankna Therapy with Holistic Wellness Coaching to provide wellness in body, mind, and spirit. I specialize in helping women, children, and teens to find their God-given identity and purpose in the face of hardship.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Natural Health, and served families as a birth doula and childbirth educator for 5 years before deciding to continue my education into Splankna Therapy. I have been practicing as a  Master-level Splankna Therapy practitioner since 2015. I am founder of Adopt-A-Mom, a non-profit providing trained emotional support to at-risk single mothers, and author of the Expectant Parents Workshop Devotional and Christian Childbirth Course.
I specialize in areas such as: anxiety, depression, trauma, grief & loss, relational problems, addictions, eating disorders, and identity concerns.


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Jennifer DeBrito

(719) 377-2311

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